myPortal 2 - modules
MyPortal 2.3 comes loaded with all the modules you need to create and manage fairly complex web sites. Besides this, it can be upgraded with even more modules to add specific functionalities.
settings Settings
Configuration tools
settings Users
Manage user accounts
settings Articles
Manage the content
settings Images
Images and galleries
settings Files
Manage files
settings Statistics
Real time site statistics
settings Forms
Online forms
settings Mailing
Manage mailing lists
settings Market
Create an online store
The images module is used to manage all pictorial material on the web page. There is the possibility of determining an unlimited number of different categories and sub-categores, which can have different properties for images.

The system allows the user to simply load the images without previously editing them as it automatically transforms the images to up to three different sizes and edits them according to the properties of the category where the image is loaded.
Different properties can be defined for each category, such as the dimensions of thumbnails and full-size images, the resolution of the images, the publication mode, automatic adding of the watermark or mask etc. Selected pictures inside the category can be equipped with the title, description, URL address when the picture is used as a link, and different functionalities.
When reviewing individual categories, the list of images will appear on the screen in the form of thumbnails. By clicking on an image on the list it will appear in full-size and detailed information about it will be given.

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