myPortal 2 - modules
MyPortal 2.3 comes loaded with all the modules you need to create and manage fairly complex web sites. Besides this, it can be upgraded with even more modules to add specific functionalities.
settings Settings
Configuration tools
settings Users
Manage user accounts
settings Articles
Manage the content
settings Images
Images and galleries
settings Files
Manage files
settings Statistics
Real time site statistics
settings Forms
Online forms
settings Mailing
Manage mailing lists
settings Market
Create an online store
The Forms module is aimed at designing dynamic web forms through which the collecting of different information about website visitors is possible. By using this module different kinds of forms like inquiry, web researches, orders, complex polls etc. can be easaly created.

An unlimited number of forms with an unlimited number of pages can be built in the administration. Each page can have a certain number of fields which can include short or long texts, spaces to tick, drop-down menus, radio buttons, files or images with the possibility of previewing them. The fields with multiple-choice answers can have an unlimited number of answers. Each text field can be marked as required or not. The instructions or any other information can be added into the header of the form.
The filled-in forms can be sent to a specific e-mail address and the visitor who has filled in the form is sent the confirmation by e-mail. The filled-in forms are automatically saved in the database and can always be reviewed. The saved forms include the date when they were filled in, the username of the person who has filled them in and the statistics for each form individually.

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