myPortal 2 - modules
MyPortal 2.3 comes loaded with all the modules you need to create and manage fairly complex web sites. Besides this, it can be upgraded with even more modules to add specific functionalities.
settings Settings
Configuration tools
settings Users
Manage user accounts
settings Articles
Manage the content
settings Images
Images and galleries
settings Files
Manage files
settings Statistics
Real time site statistics
settings Forms
Online forms
settings Mailing
Manage mailing lists
settings Market
Create an online store
The Files module allows the management of tall the files published on a website like PDFs, videos, documents etc. Files are uploaded to different categories, which can be set according to the type of the files or to their purpose.

Categories are given a name, then the type of files that will be included (text, video, audio, images, programs etc.) is chosen and their maximum size is settled. The system supports the uploading of all known files such as pdf, doc, xls, mp3, avi, exe and others, which can be given their own name, a description of the file and other data.
Within each category there is a list of loaded files available among with detailed information and the possibility of previewing, replacing or deleting the selected file.

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