myPortal 2 - modules
MyPortal 2.3 comes loaded with all the modules you need to create and manage fairly complex web sites. Besides this, it can be upgraded with even more modules to add specific functionalities.
settings Settings
Configuration tools
settings Users
Manage user accounts
settings Articles
Manage the content
settings Images
Images and galleries
settings Files
Manage files
settings Statistics
Real time site statistics
settings Forms
Online forms
settings Mailing
Manage mailing lists
settings Market
Create an online store
The Articles module allows the editing of all kinds of web contents. By defining different content types, we can create different sets of functionalities such as text pages, product catalogues, photo galleries, forums, news, frequently asked questions (FAQ) etc., with a single flexible module.

The editing of the articles is done by using different forms. The type of forms is defined according to the articles necessities. Beside simple ones more complex types are also available with the possibility of refining the articles by using enriched text (wysiwyg), which makes it possible to add images, appendixes, inner and outer links and gives the possibility of further editing of the text such as bold, italics, various alignments etc.

The tree-structured disposition simplifies the articles reviewing and browsing and allows users to see at any time which article is currently being edited. New advanced features like tagging allows for non-structural data partitioning.
Information about the publication date and the author are always applied to the articles. It is also enabled the possibility to define the status of the article as published or unpublished. Combining this module with different users permissions, we can define workflow rules for adding and publishing articles.

The system log allows us to find information about the user who has written, edited or deleted the article and when any of these changes were made. Using the built in revision engine, we can store and retreive all the changes made to an article.

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