myPortal 2 - modules
MyPortal 2.3 comes loaded with all the modules you need to create and manage fairly complex web sites. Besides this, it can be upgraded with even more modules to add specific functionalities.
settings Settings
Configuration tools
settings Users
Manage user accounts
settings Articles
Manage the content
settings Images
Images and galleries
settings Files
Manage files
settings Statistics
Real time site statistics
settings Forms
Online forms
settings Mailing
Manage mailing lists
settings Market
Create an online store
The core system has all the basic modules to create feature rich web sites and it comes with a modular architecture that allows to add new modules at any time.

All the modules have been designed in a way, that they can be customized to match your specific needs, withouth any custom programming. Right out of the box you get a full set of modules, that can be combined to create exciting websites:
  • Settings
  • Users
  • Articles
  • Images
  • Files
  • Statistics
  • Forms
  • Mailing
  • Market

It may not seem like a lot, but you can not imagine all the flexibility you get from those modules untill you dig into the specifications of each one. Besides, many more modules are available to registered users, so hurry up, get a free account now.

Click on the module names on the left to find out more about each module.

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