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The Market module is very similar to the Articles module, so we recommend you to check the articles settings for more details. Market module consists of market categories, which can contain subcategories and market products. The only difference between market and articles is in the specific data that is suitable for market products.

Manage categories and types

You can create unlimited number of categories and subcategories which will hold market products. Any category can have it's own type, which enables or disables specific data fields for every product from that category.

Market category

Every products category has an option of data fields:

  • contents: description, text and text2
  • images: image1, image2, image3, image4, image5
  • files: file1, file2, file3
  • fields: field1, field2, field3, field4, field5
  • numbers: number1, number2, number3
  • checkboxes: checkbox1, checkbox2, checkbox3
  • selectboxes: selectbox1, selectbox2, selectbox3
  • products: discount, weight, quantity
  • dates: datefield, datestart, dateend
  • other: tag, keywords, url, rating, comments, position, show default

Please, check the articles settings to learn how to work with custom fields, checkboxes, selectboxes, tags and others.

When you use the Market module and add new products into it, each product will have only those data fields which are specified in it's category's type.


You can add more shipping categories to store different shipping data according to specifics of delivery services in your country and in your online store. For each shipping you can set it's name, limiting units (from ... to), shipping price and packing costs.


You can add different currencies with it's name, abbreviation, symbol, exchange rate and language. One of the currencies can be set as default (with exchange rate = 1), so the prices of products in other languages will be automaticaly converted according to their exchange rates.


You can add several tax rates (VAT) to market settings, which can be later applied to each market product. The product's price is calculated according to it's selected tax rate.


You can specify two different email addresses for later use in your PHP scripts.

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