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MyPortal CMS allows you to create groups of messages for mass mailing. The first step is to create folders or categories which can hold different mailing sections with the same settings.

Add category

Mailing category

  • Adding a mailing category is easy, because you only have to specify it's name (type is always the same). If you want to send mass mailing through SMTP server, you have to specify those settings too, but it's not necessary.

Add template

Mailing template

  • Each mailing template has to be stored in the template/mailing folder as PHP file. This template can contain HTML and PHP code and has access to all global MyPortal variables (i.e. $DB, $GET, $MP, ...)
  • To establish a template inside the mailing category you have to set an arbitrary name, PHP file, sender's email address, sender's name and email address for rejected mails.

Add mailing

To create and send mass mailing you have to use Mailing module which can join together the PHP template with real MyPortal data. This feature allows you to create allways fresh and personalized mail messages.

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