Folders structure

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Root folder

  • After installation you have already created root folders:

    • cache
    • files
    • install
    • myportal
    • template

    and some php files: .htaccess, config.php, index.php and licence.php. New folder

    The cache folder stores cached files, which are controlled through MyPortal settings. The files folder holds all files, which are uploaded into MyPortal through Files module. The install folder should be deleted immediately after the installation, because it is not usable anymore and shouldn't be available. The myportal folder holds the whole CMS and you don't have to use it or change it in any way. The template folder is your main folder for creating website.

Template folder

  • The template folder has more sub-folders:
    • flash (swf files)
    • helpers (already contains the global.php file for you own custom functions)
    • htmls (html files)
    • images (image files)
    • js (javascript files)
    • masks (png images)
    • models (php files)
    • styles (css files)
    • system (already contains sys403.php, sys404.php, syscaptcha.php, monofont.ttf and sysgroup.php + self explainatory syscomment.php and sysrssfeed.php files.)

The files structure in template folder should have the main template.php file and sub-templates, named as tpl_{some-name}.php. The files in the _system_ folder must be named such as sys_{some-name}.php.

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