cachecreator.class.php saves cache for any part of mailing template

csv.class.php convert array data to CSV formated string and vice versa

field.class.php create form fields (input, textarea, select)

giftcard.class.php manage giftcards in market module

img.class.php create and process images from file or string

mail.class.php send mail

marketcart.class.php manage market products in shopping cart

mp.class.php special MyPortal class with static variables and methods

rating.class.php put ratings and likes to almost any data in DB

relations.class.php relate market products with each other

shoplist.class.php manage shopping lists for any user

smtp.class.php send SMTP mail

sql.class.php dig deep into the DB in an easy way

wishlist.class.php manage wishlists of market products for any user

packages.class.php retreive packages and package items information

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