Frequently asked questions

Business relations

What is Plimus and how does it relate to myPortal CMS?

Plimus ( is an international company that takes care of selling our licences. We decided to work with them because they have a good reputation in the industry and powerfull online sales tools. They will charge your credit card and send you the invoice that can be used for your business expenses.

Do I get a regular VAT invoice?

Yes. Each time you are charged for our service you get a regular invoice that can be used to justify the expenses for your business. We do not charge VAT for companies inside the EU.

Can I trust you my credit card number?

The credit card number is not stored on our servers, instead it is being processed by our payment provider Plimus ( All transactions are hadled trough a SSL secure connection and are 100% safe. Plimus performs also some fraud prevention checks, this means that there could be a slight delay between the purchase and the allocation of credits.


Can I use myPortal withouth creating an account?

Yes. You can download and install myPortal for free on any webserver or on your localhost, but it will not work on a domain name or subdomain.

Are there any hidden costs if I want just to have a free account?

No. You can create a free community account and we will never charge you anything.


Do I have full access to the source code of myPortal?

MyPortal is aimed mostly to enterprise users, which have concerns about the safety of OpenSource web applications, this is why the core of myPortal is compiled and the source code can not be accessed. However you have full source access to all your template files.

Why do I have to install Zend Optimizer on my server?

The source code of myPortal is compiled using Zend Guard, which means that you have to use Zend Optimizer to run the compiled code. We decided to use this approach for several reasons, one is speed, the second is safety. Zend Optimizer is installed by default on most PHP enabled webservers, if you don't have it yet you can get it here for free:

What else do I need to run myPortal on my server?

MyPortal uses PHP 5.3.x as a programming language, ModRewrite for managing short URLs, the GD extension for image manipulation and Zend Optimizer for running the compiled code.

Is myPortal an OpenSource application and is it free?

No. MyPortal is not and OpenSource project and it is NOT a free application. If you are looking for a free OpenSource CMS, you can find many online, but if you are looking for a professional solution to offer your customers, myPortal may be the right product for you. MyPortal is a commercial application and is subjected to licensing, however you have the full access to website templates and you can install myPortal on any development server or on your localhost for free.

Are there any limitations or missing features in the development – free version?

There are no missing features in the development version and the only limitation is that it can not be run from a root domain or sub-domain (eg., or The free version can be run from any IP address (eg. ) or from localhost.

What operating systems are supported?

MyPortal supports all major operating systems like Microsoft Windows 95, 2000, XP, Vista, Linux, FreeBSD, MacOS...

What web servers are supported?

We have extensibly tested myPortal on the Apache 2.x webserver, but it should work just fine also on other webservers like IIS.

What databases are supported?

Currently myPortal has been tested on MySQL, but thanks to the built in DB abstraction engine it may be used also on PostreSQL, MS-SQL, etc...

Single licenses

Can I use a single license on more domains?

Yes. Each license can be associated with as many domains as you want as long as they are used for 1 website ( eg.,, ).

Is the license for a single website a one-time fee?

Yes. Each license has to be purchased only once and there are no additional monthly or yearly costs associated with a license. Licenses will never expire and we will never require any additional payment for a purchased license, ever.


Are there any other benefit for subscribers?

Yes. When you decide to enter in a subscription relationship with us, you also benefit from our e-mail and phone/skype support options, which are not available to single licence customers.

Why are the prices in the subscription package much lower that the single license purchase?

We would like to create long-run relationships with web design agencies, this is why we created the subscription plans, which allow you to have more licenses available monthly for a much lower price. The subscription credits reset every month so unused credits are not transferred into the next month. This basically means that it is up to you to use as much credits as you can before they expire, but even if you don't use all the credits you still get a better price than single licenses.

How can I pay for licenses?

The main payment method is by credit card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Dinners). The credit card number should be provided when you create or upgrade to a subscription program. Additionally, if you can't use a credit card, we can provide you a quotation and you can pay using wire money transfer. After we receive your payment you get credited the number of licenses you purchased.

Do I need a subscription if I need just 1 or 2 licenses per year?

No. You can create a FREE account and buy individual licenses at full price.

How does the subscription program work?

The subscriptions are suitable for freelance web designers or webdesign agencies that have a constant flow of new projects. At the beggining of each month you get a certain number of licenses based on the subscription program you have chosen. The higher subscription you choose the cheaper you get each licence.

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