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Username: Password: website update
We have finaly updated our website with some new cool features like an updated licence management section, new users featurs, a great new documentation and a support forum.

We are just about to launch our partners program, so we made some significant updates to

1. Full technical documentation

It has taken us a lot of time, we know, but finally we have a full technical documentation for website developers. This includes an installation guide, step by step descriptions of all the modules settings and a new section with tutorials, that will grow over time. You can find the updated documentation in the manual section

2. User account

We have updated also the users section, where you can set-up both your personal account. So what is the difference? First you need to create your personal account, it is very simple and completely free. With your personal account you can post on our new forums and buy or manage individual or bulk myPortal licences.

3. agency account

Once you have created your personal account, you can also create an agency account. The agency account is a great tool for all web design agencies that have a constant stream of projects and many co-workers. The personal account you used to create the agency account is the agency owner. With this account you can add additional co-workers (who already have a free personal account) or even change the agency owner and other information. All the users linked to an agency account can create, update and download licences. The agency account is a subscription service.

4. Licence management

The updated licence management section allows to create, update and download myPortal licences. To create a licence you first need to have some available credits. You have two kinds of credits:
  • personal credits: you can buy them individualy or in bulk and they never expire, they are linked to your personal account, but they can be used also for commercial projects
  • agency credits: at the beginning of every month the agency gets a certain number of licences, based on the selected subscription package. All the credits are valid for a month, all the unused credits expire and the agency gets a new set of credits next month.

5. The forums

Start interacting with us in our new forums section. Here we will start building our community, so please create an account and start interacting with us and other myPortal users. In the forums you can:
  • See all the latest release features
  • Post feature requests for the next version
  • Notify us if you find out a bug we have missed
  • Ask for help regarding installation, template creation and GUI usage
  • Solve any licence, payment and account problems or questions
But here you will find also three other sections used to get to know us and other members better:
  • We invite you to introduce yourself and your web design agency
  • Show us the projects you worked on with myPortal
  • Talk about whatever you feel...
We also wanted to remember you that you can try myPortal 2 for free on your localhost, so download myPortal 2 now and create a free account, we believe you will love it.
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