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myPortal 2.1 is out
After half a year of development and testing, we are proud to announce the latest version of the myPortal content development platform. This is mainly a bug fix edition, but it also bring some new interesting features.

This is a major release, because for the first time we are offering myPortal for download for everyone to try and an online license management console. The new features added since version 2.0 include:
  • Import & export of users, articles, images, files and market products to CSV and XML format
  • A new automatic tasks system for batch processes
  • option to use SMTP as a mailing client
  • A lot of small bug fixes
Special thanks goes to Matjaž for the development part and to the whole Editor team for bug and feature contributions.

UPDATE 4. november 2009
We released version 2.12 which has some minor bug fixes. To update from 2.1 or 2.11 just replace the myportal folder and index.php.

UPDATE 6. february 2010
We released version 2.13 which has some minor bug fixes. To update from 2.12 just replace the myportal folder and index.php and run the included update.php script in the /install folder.

UPDATE 1. march 2010
We released version 2.14 which has an improved caching engine. To update from 2.13 just replace the myportal folder and index.php.
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intenso October 07 2009, at 6:27 pm
Fast download, clean install, nice work! Be sure to have zend optimizer and mod rewrite!
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