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blog website update
We have finaly updated our website with some new cool features like an updated licence management section, new users featurs, a great new documentation and a support forum.
We are just about to launch our partners program, so we made some significant updates to

1. Full technical documentation

It has taken us a lot of time, we know, but finally we have a full technical documentation for website developers. This includes an installation guide, step by step descriptions of all the modules settings and a new section with tutorials, that will grow over time. You can find the updated documentation in the manual section

2. User account

We have updated also the users section, where you can set-up both your personal account. So what is the difference? First you need to create your personal account, it is very simple and completely free. With your personal account you can post on our new forums and buy or manage individual or bulk myPortal licences.

3. agency account

Once you have created your personal account, you can also create an agency account. The agency account is a great tool for all web design agencies that have a constant stream of projects and many co-workers. The personal account you used to create the agency account is the agency owner. With this account you can add additional co-workers (who already have a free personal account) or even change the agency owner and other information. All the users linked to an agency account can create, update and download licences. The agency account is a subscription service.

4. Licence management

The updated licence management section allows to create, update and download myPortal licences. To create a licence you first need to have some available credits. You have two kinds of credits:
  • personal credits: you can buy them individualy or in bulk and they never expire, they are linked to your personal account, but they can be used also for commercial projects
  • agency credits: at the beginning of every month the agency gets a certain number of licences, based on the selected subscription package. All the credits are valid for a month, all the unused credits expire and the agency gets a new set of credits next month.

5. The forums

Start interacting with us in our new forums section. Here we will start building our community, so please create an account and start interacting with us and other myPortal users. In the forums you can:
  • See all the latest release features
  • Post feature requests for the next version
  • Notify us if you find out a bug we have missed
  • Ask for help regarding installation, template creation and GUI usage
  • Solve any licence, payment and account problems or questions
But here you will find also three other sections used to get to know us and other members better:
  • We invite you to introduce yourself and your web design agency
  • Show us the projects you worked on with myPortal
  • Talk about whatever you feel...
We also wanted to remember you that you can try myPortal 2 for free on your localhost, so download myPortal 2 now and create a free account, we believe you will love it.
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myPortal 2.1 is out
After half a year of development and testing, we are proud to announce the latest version of the myPortal content development platform. This is mainly a bug fix edition, but it also bring some new interesting features.
This is a major release, because for the first time we are offering myPortal for download for everyone to try and an online license management console. The new features added since version 2.0 include:
  • Import & export of users, articles, images, files and market products to CSV and XML format
  • A new automatic tasks system for batch processes
  • option to use SMTP as a mailing client
  • A lot of small bug fixes
Special thanks goes to Matjaž for the development part and to the whole Editor team for bug and feature contributions.

UPDATE 4. november 2009
We released version 2.12 which has some minor bug fixes. To update from 2.1 or 2.11 just replace the myportal folder and index.php.

UPDATE 6. february 2010
We released version 2.13 which has some minor bug fixes. To update from 2.12 just replace the myportal folder and index.php and run the included update.php script in the /install folder.

UPDATE 1. march 2010
We released version 2.14 which has an improved caching engine. To update from 2.13 just replace the myportal folder and index.php.
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MyPortal content management platform
We have been developing myPortal for 5 years now, but it has never been publicly released or presented. Until now. We are rapidly aproaching the phase of public beta testing, so today I would like to introduce you myPortal and tell you more about this wonderful project.
At first glance MyPortal may look like just another CMS solution, like hundreds of similar free and commercial products on the market today. So, why are we spending lots of money and time in the development of a product that has so much competition on the market? We beleive that we have developed the perfect online content management solution for web design agencies and freelance developers. We set ourseves a set of goals that the perfect CMS system has to meet:
  • fast instalation and standard system requirements
  • good looking, easy to use and fast admin interface
  • easy to use - limitation free template engine
  • modular design with easy module development
  • multilingual system with easy internationalization
  • lots of modules and functionalities "out of the box"
  • flexible user and rights management
  • fast page loading even with complex portals
  • good documentation for users and developers
If you make websites for a living, you know how hard it is to figh with CMS limitations and how costly it can be to use different solutions for different websites. We have developed myPortal as an all-in-one solution, that can be easily tailored to all sorts of websites and portals, witouth fiddling with the system core. So far we used myPortal to create:
  • business websites
  • corporate portals
  • online tourist agencies
  • community portals
  • product pages
  • e-commerce stores
  • intranets and extranets
  • online magazines
  • blogs
But why should you pay for a CMS if there are hundreeds of free open source solutions? Well first ask yourself if you have found an open-source solution that works for you AND your clients. MyPortal has been developed from the ground up to meet all your development needs AND to be easy to use for your clients! In fact we never spent more than 1 hour teaching website admins to use myPortal to update their websites.

Today there are already more then 150 web sites, portals and e-stores using myPortal 1.x and 2.x and the list is growing quckly. We have spent the past two years developing a universal solution that can be used by any web design agency or freelance developer, and we are getting ready to begin with the public beta testing. Stay tuned.
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Welcome to the web design community
Once in a while something happens in the web design industry that changes our perception of how internet users see the web and it sets new standards for everyone who uses and creates web applications. We are here today to set a new standard for web based applications.
It happened many times before, the web designers who grew with the industry may remember the changes caused by the first content management systems like Php-Nuke and then Post-Nuke, Mambo, followed by innovations from Xaraya, Typo3, Joomla!, Webguy, Wordpress, Drupal, Plone, Ez Publish etc. ( to many to name them all - sorry guys ). Each time a new content management solution came to the market it meant a new milestone in the evolution of web based applications.

From the concepts born in web CMS systems, other web based applications started to appear, like online CRM, ERP, project management etc. applications. The market today is overflowed with all sorts of web based applications, yet we belive it is the right time to set new standards and to bring to the market new solutions with innovative concepts that will finaly bring real usability and user friendliness to the web. We have the technology, the knowledge and the experience to move to the next step in the evolution of web applications and we need your help!

Today we mark an important milestone in the history of web applications and web design studios, today we open the doors of a new online community that sets new rules and standards in the field of web design and development.

The community is centered arround a basic concept, to make the life of a web designer easyer, and to give you the tools to create amazing websites and to develop new market channels! It is time for web design studios and developers to start making money the easy way! How will we do this?

Editor will provide it's members with:
  • A new state of the art Content Management Platform
  • An innovative easy to use online business management solution
  • A great brand name and marketing support material
  • Access to a huge library of ready made templates and functionalities
  • The latest proven and tested business Ideas
  • Tips & Tricks from a thriving community of web experts
  • Customers! ( That's right! )
Are you already confused and you are not sure what to expect? Well, This is just a teaser ( like in the movies... ), more info will be revealed in this blog as we enable all the community functionalities. We are still in a beta phase, so expect quite some changes in the future, but as we build the community I would appreciate any comment, idea or suggestion... please don't hesitate to comment our blogs... they will be the source for our inspiration.

My name is Tomaž Jug, I am the brain behind this operation... please contact me, drop me a line, let me know what you think of MyPortal, together we can create something great!
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